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Message From Our CEO

Digital New World..

Our journey in the world of technology, which started with ECATEL, which was founded by our founder Atalay AKTAŞ in 2011 and has done pioneering work in the field of informatics in Turkey, has evolved into a brand new dimension in 2021 as ATL Technology LTD Şti.

Our company, which adopts Turkey’s mission to capture today’s and future technology and the technological opportunities it offers, wants to lead the Turkish Market by building an institutional and fully authorized structure especially in the field of Gaming Computers and Blockchain Mining.

Establishing its corporate infrastructure very quickly in this direction, ATL Teknoloji first started to build its own brands. He created the ATLON brand, which aims to combine its name with quality and trust in Turkey in Gaming Computers and computer consumables.

It has also implemented the KİRA ÖDER brand, which is unique in our country and will enable households and individual users to earn an ideal income. The aim with KİRA ÖDER is to contribute to the household budget by enabling our people in our country to obtain an additional income that can easily meet the average monthly rent with very small prices.
ATL Teknoloji wants to be the architect of an ecosystem beyond being a company established to make a name for itself in Turkey with pioneering and innovative solutions in its field. It will create an impact that will facilitate access to quality and economical technology products in Turkey with its initiatives in both the wholesaler and dealer network and e-commerce field.

Our Vision;
It is to bring together the Turkish people with innovative and progressive technological devices and ecosystems and to reveal a total digitalization and business model.

Our Mission;
As a pioneer and corporate enterprise of our country in the field of technology, especially in gaming computers and blockchain mining, it is to bring the blockchain ecosystem to the country’s economy and to provide export income.